Agro Park Graduate Trainee | Guide To Internship Program Today

The Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program is now open for qualified applications from aspirants of the program right now. Every important information needed for this exercise will be made available for you below in the post. The Agro Park Development Company Limited are the organizers of the internship program for 2021 for Nigerian Graduates. Kindly go through the article to be well equipped for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.

Why The Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program?

Without a doubt, Agriculture is a sector of activities that it’s importance to the economic growth, and the well-being of the populace can never be overemphasized in Nigerian. Apart from the benefits that the Nigerian farmer gets for growing food for themselves and others, they get to be part of National growth and sustenance.

Agriculture also has a very robust and long term prospect; and unlike a lot of other sectors in the globe, the Agric business is bound to grow from strength to strength because the population of the World has been predicted to be in the region of more than 9 billion by 2050.

Agriculture is also a sector that provides very high employment rates as the process of producing and processing Agricultural products involves a lot of phases which usually involve diverse categories of laborers, both Graduates and Non-graduates.

Seeing that we live in one of the countries in the World with a very dense population, delving into the Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program will be a very wise decision for any Nigerian. The Agricultural sector has been booming since the existence of Mankind and animals and is bound to see greater heights in the future.

Agro Park Graduate Trainee / Internship Program Positions

  • Job Title: Graduate Trainee
  • Location: Abeokuta, Ogun
  • Job Field: Agriculture / Agro-Allied

The Internship Program Description

The Agro Park Graduate Trainee is intended to be a six months program for Graduates to undergo the life-changing Internship Program successfully. These young Nigerian Youths will be drafted into the Agro Park community and provided with employment opportunities in the industry so that they can make their impact Agriculturally in the Country.

Requirements for Agro Park Graduate Internship Program 2021

  • This Graduate Trainee / Internship program that will take place in Abeokuta is for Graduates who have received their NYSC discharge certificates.
  • The AgroPark Nigeria will train Graduates that are willing to acquire new skills and exceptionally do Agricultural Jobs.
  • Graduates with experience in Farm-work will be in a better position for the Programme.

AgroPark Job Application Methods

Graduates that have gone through this page and also know they are qualified for this Programme should direct their Applications to Using “Graduate Trainee” as the subject, or apply through the AgroPark careers portal: