Aufin biz Review | Complete Review on the New Ponzi | Legit or Scam

Aufin biz Review | Complete Review on the New Ponzi New online money making or should I say investment platform is inbound. We have all the information you need on this especially the investment, profits, and other important details.

We will be answering a lot of questions concerning investing and making gains on this new site. In addition to that, we will provide you guys with our final verdict concerning getting into this site.

About the Aufin biz Platform | Brief Review

Aufin or AU Finance is a new firm having a group of experts with much trading experience in every aspect of currency and exchange. The things they engage in include: trading, mining, as well as arbitrage trading.

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The aufin biz is a platform in the AU Finance platform the web portal is the access link for users who wish to invest with aufin. The thing about the aufin biz is that the platform is an easy one to use especially when it gets to investment, users get to invest and make money daily without having to do a thing.

Here, letting your money work for you is the real term. This is because the only requirement for any user who wishes to make about 9% profit daily is just your investment with the company.

Aufin biz investment | who can invest and how to register

Well enough, almost anyone who wishes to join and invest is accepted into the system no matter their country of residence. However, there is an age limit for those who will be registering. Anyone 18 and above living in a country that does not contradict this kind of investment is free to register.

Registration and investment into the system are simple. All you need to do is to follow the registration link on this page. When you get to the registration page there will be empty spaces, fill the spaces with appropriate information and then click on submit. That’s it

Register Here

The aim is for users to become members of the financial platform before making any kind of investment.

What are the Investment programs by the aufin biz?

This is the question of interest to most of the new users of the platform. In this aufin biz review, there are three investment programs

  • Number one is the STANDARD PLAN: this plan gives a return on investment of 5% profit daily for 30 days
  • There is also the INTERMEDIATE PLAN: which is up to 7% daily for 30 days
  • And finally, the PREMIUM PLAN: Returns on investment is 9% daily for a total of 30 days

The minimum amount for the investment is $20 while the maximum is up to $500000. This depends on the program as well as the amount deposit amount by the user.

The site accepts deposits from PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (ERC20 and TRC20), as well as other cryptocurrencies of high recognition.

Other Important Information

Withdrawals from the site are also as easy as the registration process. The only thing to do is just to click on the “withdraw” tab and follow the process that will come after. Remember, to withdraw you will have to also register your means of withdrawal (wallet) using the edit profile page.

The minimum withdrawal is about $1 for perfectmoney and $20 for Ethereum. Other forms of payment have their minimums.

It can take up to 48 hours for a user’s withdrawal request to be processed.

The site comes with a three-level referral program where affiliates earn a commission from their client’s deposits.

Users are to deposit the exact amount entered on the deposit page. Sending any lesser amount will lead to the account not being activated. The best advice is to deposit at least a dollar higher than the actual deposit.

Also, double-check your deposits before making any for the platform will not be responsible for any of the user’s mistakes.

The site is also in the works to create a token that will serve the site and its investors. Investors have the chance to first purchase it before others. More information will be published on this later on after phase1 of the token presale or release.

Aufin biz Review | Business Review for investors | Scam or Not

When we said our final verdict, this is it. This aufin biz review has gone a long way to tell us everything we need to know about the aufin biz platform, but we wish to also tell potential investors about this kind of platform and how to protect themselves from being scammed.

At the time of writing we have no proof as to whether the site is a scam or not, but there red flags about its existence. A further review on the aufin biz site shows there is no actual product and the process of funds generation is not fully explained.

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We are yet to receive reports of people losing money since, upon creation, this kind of site pays its users. This does not mean it might not close at any moment. Though, we have all seen this kind of thing come and go making people lose a lot. Yet some people get something from them.

Our advice is, whenever you wish to invest in this kind of Ponzi site make sure you make every inquiry about when it was established and decide on what you can afford to lose. Entering early and leaving early is the best choice.

More information will be coming up here when we get enough information that will prove whether or not we should all trust it. Anyways, for now, we should all be careful about our investments.

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You can also bookmark this page for easy access to this information and its updates. If you want a review on other investment sites, you can tell us as well.


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