Botswana Police Service form — we aim to notify you that Botswana Police service recruitment will soon start their registration for 2021 candidate. For those who have been confused about Botswana police service recruitment, we are going to let you know all the details about the group.

With the messages, we got from the beginning Botswana Police are set to employ about 63,000 officers.

Note, if you are one of those young and different Botswana’s that want to serve our great nation; this is your chance to be employed into Botswana police service. Do not abstain from applying online when it starts.

We are going to tell you all the terms you can use to join the 2021 Botswana Police Service recruitment. We will all so assist you on how to apply for recruitment online, but before we show you how to apply online we will show you all the requirements to use for Botswana Police Service form.

With these requirements, you will be capable of applying without having any problem, when connecting online. The conditions are as follows.

  1. Applicants must be a Citizen of Botswana by birth,
  2. The applicants must be at least a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 30 years,
  3. You must have passed BGCSE with a Credit in English Language, credit in maths and least overall of 30 points.
  4. You will not have any bad record of a bad character,
  5. female Candidates must not be pregnant when appealing.
  6. The Government Medical Doctor should confirm physical and mental fitness.

All we need now is to inform you when the application for Botswana Police Service recruitment 2020 will be carried out. As you have observed all the conditions to apply let’s now show you the way to apply online,

How To Apply for Botswana Police Service form 2021 Recruitment  Application

It is quite simple to appeal for Botswana police service recruitment, without going to a computer center. With these instructions, you will join easily, and The procedures are as follows.

  1. what you are to do is to visit the homepage at
  2. You will see a link that will be displaying join Botswana police service click on it, and wait for a moment so that it will open automatically.
  3. use the directions on the sheet to feel up your data, Please read it carefully to avoid an unnecessary mistake.
  4. press on the submit button to join.

This is an excellent opportunity for you, and we pray with you that as you apply for the job you will get it immediately. Free Gratuities to all Botswana Police Offices When you Get Employed. There is various advantage you will obtain when you get the job, things you will profit are as follows.

as soon as you get the job, you will be offered free accommodation to all levels.

  1. Free water and Electric supply to everyone.
  2. You will also get a free Medical treatment by which 50% will be given to everybody by the government the other 50% will be given by you.
  3. Compulsory Pension Fund Contribution which will be done as follows;
  4. The government will pay 15 % of basic salary and employee 5 % from their essential salary.
  5. And others that that is not listed here,

if you desire to get more data about 2021 Botswana Police Recruitment, we will like you to visit recruitment homepage at

Please Note: If you have problems and contributions to the Botswana Police Service form 2021 Click Here in our comment box below, and we shall explain to you in the areas you had the issues and contribution. Pls, don’t forget to put your email address or phone number for explanations.

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