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Looking at the way Ponzi schemes ruined all online laundry scheme as of late 2016 to 2017 and the subsequent crash of MMM, a lot of people have been asking series of questions about a new platform called Cash Granted with an official site named

Our team has been getting lots of mail from different individuals curious in other to ascertain if is a Ponzi scheme or not. Some other individuals are trying to find out if Cash Granted is either a scam or not. Our team Firstcalljob has done some interesting research and has come up with answers about Cash Granted. Keep scrolling for more information.

A Message from Cash Granted

I am pretty sure that you have probably seen this message before somewhere on Facebook or Whatsapp. These messages are added by already registered members on the Cash Granted platform and are now they are looking for good recommendations from friends and family in other to enable them to get paid on the platform.

I’ve just requested for N50,000 on Please help me recommend my fund request. Here’s the link to the request:

To recommend, visit my request link above, and tap the ‘Recommend’ button on the page that comes up. Thanks in advance.”

 But before we further ahead let’s see how the cash grant generates there income.

How do CashGranted Earn Money They Pay Registrants?

CashGranted as it names claims that they generate earning from displaying adverts to people who register on their platform or website and friends who come to the website to drop recommendations. They said that it is from the money generated by those adverts displayed on their website that they pay to requesters. To me sincerely think this is a very smart move.

Looking at the site ranking of you notice that the site is currently ranked 947  in Nigeria. Considering that the website was created less than two months ago. That’s really impressive. Most importantly, considering that it’s a free platform and you really don’t need to pay cash to anybody to register then I guess you shouldn’t have any reason not to apply by signing up on the website. Therefore, our team Firstcalljob are here to advise you sign up today.


How much can one request from Cash Granted?

You can ONLY Request for an amount from the range of N20,000 and N70,000.

How to Register on Portal

If you are interested and ready to register or participate in the Advert-Enabled Funds Granting website, you need to create an account online. Simply visit the official website at to start the registration process. Once you open the website on your browser, click on the signup button.

You will see a form that looks like the one below and you will be requested for the following details; Name, Email address, Phone number, Bank details, and Password. Once you’re done with the registration by filling in your details, you are to click on the submit button. Congratulations your account is live. The next thing you are expected to do is to request for help. Remember you can only request for help ranging from N20,000 to N70,000. Meanwhile, you will be asked to specify exactly what you need the help for.

How do I Earn or Paid by

Finally, I know a lot of people will want to know how they will eventually get paid by Cashgranted. This is what they say as regards payment. On Saturday at the end of the week, if your fund request is among the 1,000 most recommended requests for the week, then the amount you requested will be sent into your Bank Account before 5 pm on Saturday. Before we conclude, hurry now and register. If you have already registered and have not been paid drop a comment below. Please drop your honest review below. Thanks.