CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021/2022 | Requirements for NIS/NSCDC Aptitude Test

Are you looking for the right guide on how to prepare for the coming CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021? If you are looking forward to the CDCFIB CBAT Exam this year, then you should read this post to understand the requirements and other details needed in the screening.

CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021 Screening Process

As an applicant for the job recruitment opportunities in the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) or the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC),  you are must searching for updates about the CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021 Screening Process

Well, we have that information for you in this post. Read this article to learn about this CDCFIB CBAT Screening and how you can prepare yourself for the screening process. 

Recent CDCFIB Update about the NIS & NSCDC recruitment

Recently, the update about the NIS and NSCDC recruitment has been released to the public by the Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire, and Immigration Services Board (CDCFIB).

The CDCFIB currently allows you to view the CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021 Shortlist and prepare yourself for the NIS and NSCDC Aptitude test scheduled for 2021, respectively.

You can now also seek more information from the official websites of the organizations involved.   

Requirements for the CBAT screening

You should know that the CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021 Screening Centers are within the ambit of the CDCFIB. However, if you take your CBAT Screening in a center different from the one you should be in, the CDCFIB will not collate your screening.

The CDCFIB provides CBAT Screening Centers for every applicant that makes the shortlist, so you should always check your email or phone number for information about your allotted Screening Center.

Note: You should follow the instructions strictly as you they are in your email or text message.

The following are the requirements for the CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021:

  • A credible means of identification
  • A photocopy of the Application form
  • Also, you are strictly required to wear a facemask.

To optimize your chances of coming out selected in the CDCFIB CBAT Exam 2021 Screening Process, you should pay close attention to the few requirements of the CDCFIB as listed above.

You will be given the venue and time for the screening through your valid email address or phone number. Provided that you have made the shortlist, the CDCFIB will provide information about your allotted CBAT Screening Center.

Information in this regard has been available since 6 pm on December 1, 2021.  

Additionally, you can get a hard copy letter of invitation from the official websites of the NIS and NSCDC if you have already uploaded details of your educational qualification on the website. CHECK SHORTLIST

The CDCFIB has issued a disclaimer alerting applicants to the dangers of trying to get favorable CBAT Screening through third parties, and the body has disavowed any knowledge of business ties with such third party facilitators.

To be on the safe side, you should avoid enlisting the help of third-party facilitators.

We have reiterated that the NIS and NSCDC shortlist has been published, and the 2021 CBAT Screening Process has commenced for the shortlisted applicants. Login to the website to ascertain your position today.

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