Dragon Global Finance – Join & Earn with Dragon Global, Is It Scam or Legit?

Dragon Global Finance: Dragon Global is a private investment business focused on investment capital and real estate investments, which the founder/Director is Robert Zangrillo.

Dragon Global’s current and predecessor funds have handled investments totaling more than $1 billion in firms with a market value of more than $500 billion.

The company invests in internet & technology-related companies, also, they offer services to customers in the US, under their company’s address which is 9200 sunset boulevard suite, 1201 Los Angeles, CA 90069 United States.

The website was a jumble of different investing alternatives. By investing in any of the platform’s multi-currency services, a client can earn earnings and bonuses.

However, it is unclear what the firm truly does. It’s one thing to profess mastery of a variety of foreign money processing responsibilities, but it’s quite another to actually carry them out.

According to other review sites, (e.g., Behindmlm.com, and others), they reviewed that Dragon Global provides no valuable information on their official website (dragonglobal.com). Also, they include the fact that Dragon Global reboots as an EQT bank.

From all these briefings on Dragon Global, let’s move to our major review on Dragon Global Finance.

In this article, we will see the full overview of the Dragon Global company, their offered products, MLM services.

Also, we will see the Compensation Plan, Referral Bonuses, requirements needed to join Dragon Global Finance, and its company’s credibility portraying if it’s a scam or legit.

Now let’s see the company’s overview.

Dragon Global Finance – About Company & Web Overview

From what we earlier stated, other websites have discussed this company & how it came about. However, in this section, we will explain the main overview of the company’s investment niche.

Dragon Global Management LLC is the full company’s name, with the chairman/CEO/Founder, Robert Zangrillo.

The company deals in financial services & asset management with no incorporation & employees. The company’s website’s domain was registered privately on January 28, 2020.

From further research on the company’s operator, we found out that the company’s corporate presentations are given to a man called Anthony Norman. He appeared in most of the company’s presentations on a corporate basis.

Now we also noticed that Anthony John Norman is not only a company speaker on corporate issues but also an inclusive director for the UK shell company (Dragon Global Finance LTD).

During the period Anthony Norman was running Welmont capital, he acquired IQ legacy on Finance management within the period of his presence in the organization.

Looking at IQ Legacy, it is a Failed MLM Ponzi third reboot of Ormeus Global Ponzi Scheme.

Dragon Global Finance’s latest incarnation looks to have begun in early 2021.

Dragon Global Solutions is another name for Dragon Global Finance. It is the current incarnation of Norman’s MLM business activities under any name.

Also, Norman, a native of Europe, appears to be hiding out in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Dragon Global Finance Conference Meetings.

From Dragon Global’s Summary of results on its website’s improvement, it lacks financial investments. Also, there are only 2 capable employees you can find as active operators on the official site.

Now let’s proceed to the company’s products & services.

Dragon Global Finance Products & Services

The company’s market operates as “A global payment management system,” according to the company’s website.

On Dragon Global Finance’s website, there is no indication of a business opportunity.

Payment processing services, to the degree that they are provided, have nothing to do with Dragon Global Finance’s MLM opportunity.

Company’s Compensation Plan

Affiliates of Dragon Global Finance invest money with the promise of an ROI.

There are four investment tiers offered by Dragon Global Finance:

  • $1000
  • $5000
  • $10,000
  • $25,000

Anthony Norman owns the Likquid exchange, which is where funds are invested. The liquid token (LIQ) and USD are used to pay the returns.

On neither Likquid’s nor Dragon Finance Global’s websites is the internal LIQ value revealed.

Dragon Global’s Referral Bonuses

The company pays referral commissions on invested funds down double levels of unilevel recruitment.

  • On Level 1, the company pays out 25% on personally recruited affiliates
  • On Level 2, the company pays out 15%…

Company’s Staking Bonuses

When a new recruit participates in long staking, dragon global finance offers a bonus return to the affiliate.

For five years of Long Staking from an affiliate investing on YEM, they can possibly receive a quarterly investment return.

Staking Bonuses are granted out on a quarterly basis at two stages of recruitment:

  1. A 0.5 percent quarterly Staking Bonus is given to the affiliate who attracted the long staking affiliate.
  2. Their upline gets a 0.2 percent Staking Bonus every quarter.

Things to Consider When Joining Dragon Global

The charges of Dragon Global Finance affiliate membership have not been announced.

An undisclosed investment in YEM tokens, as well as a $1000 to $25,000 investment, requires full participation in the linked income potential.

With all this emphasis on Dragon Global, if you still want to invest in this financial opportunity, due to earning passive income on a quarterly basis see the next section below.

Dragon Global Finance, Is It Legit Or Scam?

The storyline of Dragon Global Finance’s ROI remittals and loyalty rewards has been about the main objective and boosting non-existent bot traders.

Clients must put up with the execs’ whims despite the fact that they realize the agreement involves money transmission, currency conversion, SWIFT processing, and so on. Likquid Exchange and MMA are two options to consider.

Furthermore, supplying such services would need Dragon Global Finance to obtain an SEC license in order to pass as a legitimate practitioner in the aforementioned fields.

Unfortunately, the firm does not have the required license. The website of Dragon Global Finance is temporarily offline, as are its ROIs.

Members will have to consider their options carefully before moving on to the next level (EQT Bank). For FAQs & remarks on this article, leave a brief comment in the comment section below.

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