EDPA Recruitment 2021 – Edo Development and Property Agency Job Vacancy

Have you heard about EDPA Recruitment 2021? Are You based in Edo and interested in Edo Development and Property Agency?  Do you wish to participate in Edo Development and Property Agency in Edo State? If you’re interested in this job, then here are the requirements and application guild. In this website, you’ll get the right details about the EDPA Recruitment online job recruitment closing date.

Your job is to be to make sure that all housing-related issues in Edo State are well managed properly. If you are willing to join the team to improve the well-being of Edo State people, then this guild listed below is for you.

EDPA Recruitment 2021 Available positions

  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Architect
  3. Lawyer / Company Secretary
  4. Admin / ICT Staff
  5. Land Surveyor
  6. Quantity Surveyor
  7. Estate Surveyor
  8. Accountant

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