Ghana Fire Service Requirements 2021 “GNF” Screening Date.

Ghana Fire Service needs:  Ghana is a large country that all of us will like to join the GNF when the form is out. As you know before, Ghana Fire Service is an office under the Ghanaian Ministry of Interior, commissioning Ghana’s nationwide fire service. The Ghana Fire Service’s aim is to create and sustain lives.

Those that have experienced the dangers of fire organized a rally for public fire education. Most important is to Provide technical information for creating plans concerning machinery with basic layouts to promote freedom from fire rescue operations, also fire management and so on.

Meanwhile, this page is proposed for many youths from Ghana that has been seeking for Ghana Fire Service. You are required to apply online, we are happy that the maximum of people that join through this website last recruitment did not fail it, and now there are serving our famous country Ghana.

We encourage you to read this page very well, and for those who may affect Ghana Fire Service Demands, all you have to do is very easy you are to make use of our comment box directly.

Before we draft all the Ghana Fire Service Requirements, it will be an elevation to present to you General Eligibility for all applicants. As you may know that not everybody is eligible to apply for Ghana Fire Service recruitment, so the necessary things include.

Ghana Fire Service Requirements

  • The eligible candidate needs to Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth, but if you are from any other country, you go by registration.
  • Be among those people that have no criminal record and of good behavior.
  • You are not allowed to be a minimum of 18years and a maximum of 30years of age Officer Corps applicants.
  • Not less than 18years and not higher than 30years of age for Non-Tradesman candidates and 35 years for Driver Mechanics.
  • Be materially and medically suit by Fire Service tests.

Now that you have seen all the usual eligibility, the next stage is to describe all the GFS Specifications. Without wasting our time let’s start with the ball moving forward.

Ghana Fire Service Expectation For All Qualified Claimant

In an attachment to pleasing obligations “I,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general ability, aspirants will
have the following Requirements:

  1. Driver License D.
  2. Lowest of five times accident-free driving witnessed.
  3. Firefighters and liberation time.

In-room to comforting requirements “i,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general acceptability, aspirants must
have the following:

  • Five Credits in SSCE or WASSCE, Including Core English and Core Mathematics.
  • Teaching Service Intermediate Level Certificate; including English and Mathematics or ‘A’ Level and English and Mathematics are compulsory subjects.
  • An Expert Certificate in Software Development, Website Developer and Maintenance. Database Administrator
    from an accredited institution.
  1. One should be able to play more than three Instruments like Clarinets, Bassoons, Flutes, Alto, etc.
  2. One should be capable of reading the staff characters.
  3. Impression: Should be the best at every aspect of Percussion.

In an interest to satisfy requirements “I,” “ii,” “iii,” “iv” and “v” in general eligibility, applicants must
have the following;

A. Certificate in Nursing from a well-developed Institution.

A minimum of First Degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Electrical Engineering and Architectural Engineering, from a Tertiary Institution

B. Judicial Scientist.

A minimum of First Degree in Physics,  in Chemistry, and Computer Science from an Accredited

C. Registered General Nurses (RGN).

First Degree in Nursing from an Accredited Tertiary Institution.

D. Counselors.

A minimum of First Counselling from an Accredited Tertiary Institution.

E. For Accounts Officers.

A gain of Higher National Diploma(HND) in Accounting from an Accredited Tertiary

F. Lawyers.

1. LLB/BL qualification from an Accredited Institution.

2. Applicants Require not more than 35 years of age.

G. Public Relations Officers.

1. A minimum of First Degree in Studies, Public Relations, Journalism. from
Accredited academy.

The fixed date of Ghana Fire Service recruitment will be updated on this page if you want us to tell you when the Ghana Fire Service Screening Date will be out. Our comments box is available for you, you to release your email address and your phone number.

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