Ireland Student Visa Application 2021 – How To Apply From Nigeria

This post will illustrate how one can process the Ireland Student Visa Application 2021 from Nigeria. We will also show you the solutions to the many challenges that a lot of people have faced on the issue. Stay tuned to the rest of the article.

Applying For Ireland Study Visa

Have you any desire to study abroad and particularly in Ireland? You might have shelved the idea because of one reason or another. Maybe you have concluded that its actualization is impossible, that is why we will show you how you can go about it successfully.

Below are some vital information on the steps you can take to complete your Ireland Student Visa Application 2021 and secure your passage to study there. We have carefully provided the details in a reasonably understandable form for your reading pleasure.

Ireland Study Visa

The Ireland Study Visa is a license that gives you passage to Ireland strictly for studying purposes in an Irish educational institution; these visas can apply for a long or short term travel basis. The Irish Government is in full support of these terms and conditions.

Though processing the Ireland Student Visa Application might not be as complicated as it may sound, the failure to provide the required and credible documents can result in the consular officers rejecting your application. Your records should always be authentic.

Ireland Student Visa Application 2021 Essentials

  • Suitably filled, approved and published application form and questionnaire.
  • A minimum of two passport photographs less than six months old
  • An international Passport valid for six months and colored photocopies every page of the passport.

How to Process Your Ireland Student Visa Application

Application Letter

Your approved and signed letter must include:

  • Your motive for going to Ireland
  • Enough information on your family members that reside in the country or another European Union Member State.
  • Undertaking that you are going to comply with the terms of the visa while being peaceful and law-abiding in the country.
  • An assurance that you will swiftly leave the country as soon as your visa expires.

Acceptance Letter

  • A Letter of approval from a college in Ireland, affirming the following:
  • That the institution admits you into a course of full-time study.
  • The details of the course of study in question.
  • The full cost of studying the course.
  • Evidence of payment.
  • Those responsible for your medical insurance.
  • Documents that show the full details of the durations between your last moment of full-time study and your Ireland study application.
  • Full detail of your employment history you were employed between your studies(e.g., employment letter).

Important Note

  • Reports confirming that you will pursue your preferred course
  • Personal or sponsor’s bank records for the preceding six months, confirming the capacity to bear the financial demands to provide your living expenditures in the country.
  • A print out of Electronic Transfer of Funds, which is the payments made to the Irish Bank of the college (showing sender and beneficiary’s title, address, bank information) or an original receipt confirming that the course fees have been issued to an authorized student funds payment system.
  • Health Insurance/Travel Certificates.
  • Evidence of accommodation in Ireland: the host’s address, or acceptance of school to provide adequate student accommodations in Ireland.