Npower Candidates 2023 List – See the Complete Shortlist Here

List of Npower shortlisted Candidates 2023  complete Shortlist is here – “” Npower shortlisted Candidates live on this site as we go ahead to unveil all successful candidates.

The 2023 candidates are released. We are delighted to inform the public of the Npower shortlisted Candidates 2023 Prime Minister’s list who have successfully taken part in the implementation of the 2023 year.

The Npower shortlisted Candidates 2023 has been shortlisted checklist now! Federal Government promised to shortlist about 500,000 candidates for the scheme.

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Moreover, during the 2023 recruitment exercise, about 200,000 candidates were shortlisted remaining 300,000 to be shortlisted for the scheme, now Federal Government has fulfilled its promises by shortlisting about 300,000 candidates of which the Federal Government has committed about N500 billion to the Social Investment Program.

They will be shortlisted based on the different segments applied during the 2023 Recruitment exercise which has ended.

Check Npower Verification Process

Npower’s List of Shortlisted candidates includes:

  • N-power Teach List of Shortlisted Candidates
  • N-power Agro List of Shortlisted Candidates
  • N-power Health List of Shortlisted Candidates
  • N-power Tax/VAIDS List of Shortlisted Candidates

The above Npower segment lists will round up the 2023 300,000 Npower shortlisted candidates of which they will be deployed to the various communities across the federation to continue the assignment.

How to check the List of Npower Candidates 2023 Shortlist

We are here to renew you in all of the N-power responsibilities of the year 2023 and provide assistance in all areas that are difficult for N-power.

Please Note: the second batch list of Npower shortlisted Candidates in 2023 will be by state. About 300,000 Npower applicants will be shortlisted in various states of the federation.

To check if you are among the Npower shortlisted Candidates is very easy and straightforward.

Follow the steps below to check if you are among the N-power selected candidates.

Step one

  • The List of Npower shortlisted Candidates in 2023 published for N-power’s Second Batch
  • Check N-power lists via
  • Click on the Selection list. Immediately the shortlisted names will open via the Npower portal.
  • Enter your state of origin, search your name if are among the N-power selected candidates
  • If you are successful congratulation if you are not among the shortlisted candidates wait until N-power’s third list.

Step two

  • For a quick search, follow the steps below to check if you are among
  • Enter your phone number
  • Search for your name fast in the list of Npower Shortlisted candidates
  • N-power Physical Verification 2021  for Npower Selected Candidates

Those applicants shortlisted will undergo verification for final deployment; N-power focal person might be the one to verify your documents or credentials at the Local Government Area of the assignment.

You will undergo verification based on:

  • Make sure the Cleanup & All Experts of Education
  • Birth Birth Birth / Old Testament Information
  • NYSC Discharge Certificate