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Merlin Capital Group offers cutting-edge financial tools to all levels of investors. Its packages also remit affiliate bonuses. Instead of focusing expert financial analysis in a thin strip of the investor band, Merlin Group makes it public.

Besides its status as a multi-level marketing game-changer, Merlin Capital Group also works as a broker unit. 

Also, its packages are nominally cut for high-profile investors, who earn through fine-tuned Defi networks. In this regard, investors wonder if Merlin Group Capital makes good on its services. 

You can learn more about the company in this article.

Merlin Capital Group: About Company

The Merlin Capital Group website shows no detail about the owner of the company. It might only be a transition stage of its founder’s previous MLM platform. From a quick search on Google, Merlin X turns up often with the X representing Group, Investment, LLC, Security, etc.

Despite the confusion in tagging an on-record ID on Merlin Capital Group, its investment suggests it is linked with MLM. Moreover, the company might be using different names to cloak its activities online. For instance, prominent blogs refer to the website as a financial securities venture hub.

However, the MCG website shows a Life Settlement plan for investors. In this category, you can build a retirement fortune through shrewd investments with the Group. The Merlin Capital Group website does not discuss the investment portfolios that will broker its supposed Life Settlement.

Further, the platform has a blog category where it discusses investments as it concerns insurance.

Generally, Merlin Capital Group is an MLM investment niche. And all its references to insurance strikes as a ruse. Also, a different Merlin brand, Merlin Securities, offers similar investments.

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Merlin Capital Group CEOs, Team

Like we said previously, Merlin Capital Group does not list its CEO on its official website.

It does have a Team Info category where it diverts to insurance discussions instead of posting details of its Team members.

Is Merlin Capital Group a Merlin Securities Exit Strategy?

It is not certain whether the two companies are the same. Their services converge on some points now and then. But Merlin Capital Group offers too scant information it’s hard to tell who is managing it. 

The only cue to both platform’s similarity is their MLM network strategy. While one flaunts a math-heavy investment tableau, the other brandishes an insurance retirement hedge.

Moreover, it’s alleged that Merlin Securities holds investor funds to the tune of $20M. Its noticeable patron appears to be Sequoia Capital. But so far, nothing overtly connects Merlin Securities to Merlin Capital Group.

Merlin Capital Group Products & Services

There are no listed products or services on the company website. The website features a request appraisal category, however.

Merlin Group quoted services aches are as follows:

Sections for Private Investors

Business Investors

And finally, a category for Institutional Investors.

Brokerage Units

According to a subtle disclaimer on the website, 

“No investment advice is offered or given by MCG to any persons accessing the information on this site; consequently, prospective investors should take advice from their professional advisers before making any investment decision”,

MCG disavows every implied responsibility for any transactions a client has with its components. The website merely serves as an investment burrow.

Merlin Capital Group, however, recommends that all investors request advice from insurance brokers before committing to investments.

Also, since Merlin Capital Group asserts it’s a portal for separate Merlin investment niches, we can assume it links to Merlin Ventures, Merlin Securities, etc. Or maybe not, since the MCG website does not say so.

Investment Packages

As is the case with the Products & Services cache, MCG does not offer investment categories on the official website. It only hints at investment options in its stock trading partnerships.

As per the Merlin Securities investment package, below are the available plans:

The investment plans are tiered in three different levels that are optimized to generate profit in a short trade period. 

Basic Plan (remits 5%) _ valid for fifty (50) days’ work period

Compass Plan (remits 7%) _ valid for fifty (50) days’ work period

Sharper Compass (remits 10%) _ the plan is valid for fifty days’ validity period.

Accordingly, Merlin Securities offers a matching referral program. The bonuses tallied with recruitments mirror the investment volume of a Merlin Securities Affiliate. See how the affiliate/partnership program works below.

Affiliate Program

Through a trio of affiliate/partnership commissions, the MCG platform pays you for promoting their services.

Clients can promote Merlin by placing specific banner ads and media clips on recruitment sites. Subsequently, you can earn commissions on different referral levels as shown below:

5% on Level 1 _ for personally referred recruitments to the Merlin Securities platform.

2% on Level 2 (separate from personal referrals)

1% on Level 1 (the least package on the website).

The Merlin Securities network accepts payments in ETH and Bitcoin. Other apparitions of the Merlin network offer stock trade, indices, etc.


The Merlin Capital Group website offers insurance-hinged investments. As it also runs a parallel blog, the website provides help/updates services.

However, its incognito Admin status raises red flags about the credibility of the company. Instead of listing its membership board, the company only provides contact links. It also vaguely hints at being a conglomerate platform without mentioning partners.

Moreover, the Merlin Capital Group platform does not disclose its office location(s). It also does not state its licenses and the nature of its services, besides insurance tidbits on its blog. 

Lastly, where the platform lists a license, it turns out to false. MCG mentions NAIFA as a credible regulator. But the reference implies all firms regulated by the National Association of insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA).

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