See the Nigerian Military Ranks for Airforce, Army, and Navy

See the Nigerian Military Ranks for Airforce, Army, and Navy

The military is one of the important sectors in every country. The army is a section in the military this helps to keep the country in order. Nigeria is not an exception to the countries that need peace and order. Firstly, lets’ try to see if we can know what the military is all about. The military denotes armed forces which permit to operate in a deadly way and also allow handling all kinds of weapons to protect the interest of the people in that certain country and to the citizens.

To protect and to defend the life of the citizen is the major task of the army. It varies from one country to another country, in some other country their have some other functions and different duties. The Nigerian Military Ranks and their symbols have different types. Any of these kinds of the military has its main obligations
Nigerian Military force is made up of the Air Force, Army, and the Navy.
The Nigeria military head offices are situated in different parts of the country. Most of the naval headquarters are based in Lagos states, Abuja, Calabar, and Bayelsa all in Nigeria. This military also has an operational base in most of the states and training equipment.

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The Nigerian Military Ranks starts at mid-ship-man all the way to admiral of the fleet. The ranking is stated below with the highest rank at the top.

Nigerian Military Ranks

The ranks are listed below in a descending order

Acting Sub-Lieutenant
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral Commodore
Admiral of the Fleet

Non-Commissioned Officers Navy Ranking in descending order:

Ordinary Rating
Able Rating
Leading Rating
Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Chief Petty Officer

The Nigerian Military Ranks

The Nigerian Armed Forces are those classes that operate on the land. Their carry out their official duties on the land which there has the biggest Quantity of the armed forces, Nigeria has many divisions.

See all the Nigeria Army forces ranks ranging in descending order from the Second Lieutenant

Brigadier General
Second Lieutenant
Major Captain
Lieutenant Colonel
Major General
Lieutenant General
Field Marshal

Also, see the Nigerian Army Ranks for Non-commissioned Officers in a descending order

Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer Class II
Warrant Officer Class I

See The Nigerian Air Force Ranks in descending order:

Pilot Officer
Flying Officer

Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader
Wing Commander
Group Captain
Air Commodore
Air Vice-Marshal
Air Marshal
Air Chief Marshal
Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force