NYSC Registration Guide for Married Women List of Documents Needed

NYSC Registration Guide for Married Women – If you follow the instructions given by NYSC, you will benefit a lot. One of such benefit is that you as a married woman can serve in the same state where your husband or family resides.

This post is meant for you If you are married and wish to go for NYSC in any of the batches like the  NYSC BATCH A (stream 1 and stream 2), NYSC BATCH B (stream 1 and stream 2), NYSC BATCH C (stream 1 and stream 2),  and I urge you to read this article and see how you can make the best use of it.

We always received complaints from some married women concerning their deployment and their marital status confirmation, these problems could result from incomplete documents, misplacing documents at the time of online registration o exchange of document for another, or scanned documents that were not clear. Please note that it is only women who are legally married can be allowed to serve in their husband’s state of residence.

During your registration, you should never in any way register by PROXY (you must do your thumb printing by your self). Make sure you always remember They should also remember the fingers used for your biometric capturing because, during your verification at the orientation camps, it will be required. You will not be registered if you could not be verified at the orientation camp.


  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Evidence for a change of name (newspaper)
  3. Husband’s residential address
  4. Your husband’s ID card (any of the following- Drivers License, National ID Card)
  5. Utility Bill

IMPORTANT: pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed in the orientation camp, as prospective corps members in this category you should be aware that you will not be accommodated. So you will be sent home if you fall into this category.

Additional Information For NYSC Registration Guide for Married Women

Please be sure that you do not present any fake document fo you will be demobilized and decamped if it is discovered.

Also, make sure that Passport photographs you have used meet the following specifications:

  1. Be sure that all parts of your face are clearly shown without any bending.
  2. Ensure that your picture is centralized and filled in the frame
  3. Make sure that the Photo background is white or off-white with no shadow.

Also, note that registration stops immediately after the portal is closed.