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ServerSHA Review | Best ROI platform  Honest Review — Advance in technology not only brought enough good but also some bad with it. And on continuous growth into the internet age and telecommunication systems more and more ways to get to people’s assets become easier.

These days you don’t have to go to somebody’s place to steal from that person. You can just be anywhere in the world and anonymously perform any kind of fraudulent activity.

That is the reason some of us have made it a thing to always fish out information from investment sites etc. As well as provide information on the eligibility of those platforms.

Well, the information we have for you today is a review that concerns the new ServerSha online investment platform. We are going to be looking at some pressing issues on the serversha as well as their activities plus extra information on other investment sites.

ServerSHA Review | What is ServerSHA

ServerSHA is a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining platform. This platform functions to provide cloud server mining services to its investors which also incorporates proof of stake using Technology.

What the ServerSHA does is simply to help investors who wish to mine crypto but cannot afford to buy the equipment for that. The investor pays and the company does the work and gives the investor their returns depending on the amount of investment.

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However, we have also found out that there is another site posing as the ServerSHA platform. And this information is already there on the platform’s homepage, you can visit the page to get the news.

The team: Daniel Ritcher = CEO and lead server, Tobias Frank = CTO and software engineer, and others.

ServerSHA investment plan includes

The Standard Plan: with the standard plan, users can invest from $10 to about $599. The daily profit for this particular plan is 0.6% of investment and this comes without a profit bonus or compound mode.

The second one is the Gold Plan: Investment From $600 to about $5,999. Return on investment is 0.8% daily with a profit bonus of +5% every 6 months. Without the compound mode.

Thirdly, is the Platinum Plan: with investment capital of from $6000 to $59,999. This comes with a daily return on investment of 1.1% and a profit bonus of +5% every three months. Compound mode is daily active.

Lastly, is the Diamond Plan: with an investment of over $60,000 and about 1.5% daily ROI. The profit bonus for this one is also +5% but now it is for every 1 month. The compound mode is as well active on a daily.

The platform does not only offer the above to its customers. It also has other forms by which investors can multiply their earnings on the site without having to do many jobs. one examples are the referral system and the “get bounty” system.

ServerSHA Review | How the Get Bounty works

The get bounty is a bonus section of the platform, where investors participate in different activities that pushes the image of the site to the public. The activities present there includes

Running Google Ads; they promise to pay you 100% of the cost of the ads you run. However, they wish for you to make it a real one.

Another one is the Trustpilot Review with a 5 stars review on Trustpilot you will receive about 0.5 to 2 USD on confirmation by the marketing team.

Additionally, is the Youtube videos: get about 5 to 50 USD which you can either use for more investment or even withdraw. Moreover, your video should be above 30 seconds and as well as above one thousand views.

The bonus fund depends on the quality of the review each user gives. A better quality review will give any user 5 to 50 USD in about 1 to 3 working days. And only registered users can get the rewards in their serversha accounts.

The next one is the referral. Here the profit is according to how many people you bring in and what percent of investment they make.

SververSHA | Other important information

Information from the site, tells us that the site makes a profit by also investing in the crypto market. With the help of its IT and crypto professionals make a lot of profits which they also put back into the mining system.

The payment method is Bitcoin and other well-used cryptocurrencies

To withdraw money from the site, users will first of all need to add their wallet addresses by going through their wallet section. Then they can go to withdraw and select the cryptocurrency they wish to receive their payment from and enter the amount to withdraw.

It only takes about 20 minutes to 5 hours to process a withdrawal. The maximum deposit amount is $500,000

Daily Profit Investment | How to Apply

The application process is an easy one all a user needs to do is

Go to the site @ and click the “Sign Up To Join button

This will take you to another page where you will also need to input your correct data and then click sign up or submit.

When you are done registration, the next thing is to invest. To do this, click on the investment plan and choose the one you wish according to the amount of investment you want to make.

ServerSHA Trust Review | Scam or Legit?

This is where we get a little bit out of the box with our information. This is to protect the interest of our readers on issues such as this one.

Apart from the news that another site or platform is posing as the serversha platform and still offering the same investment opportunities as this one, we still believe that the main serversha has not given us much to raise the level of trust we have for it.

The site is a new site with a more user interface that looks like the websites of the other fraudulent past platforms. And not providing much information to its users is another case to look in.

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Even with this information, we are yet to verify the legitimacy of the site and its platform. So, we wish to warn the public to be extremely careful while dealing with these kinds of sites.

We also want to request reviews from our users, especially those of us who in one way or the other have invested using the site. Your reviews are very important in helping others steer clear of the site.

In addition to providing us with the information, you should also bookmark this page and check often for updates on this information. You can as well visit our site @ for other mind-blowing information.

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