Download MyDSTV Mobile App for Android & iOS – DStv Self Service

Download MyDSTV Mobile App for Android & iOS

Download MyDSTV Mobile App for Android & iOS – DStv Self Service-MyDSTV is a smart mobile app from MultiChoice. You may instantly think that the app is the same as DSTV Promptly app, No! They are many.

While DSTV Now app allows you catch up with what is trending on DSTV channels, follow up on latest movies, shows, and comedy, the new MyDSTV app will help you manage your form and subscription packs on particular go.

If you download MyDSTV app on your Android or iOS, you can take charge of your mobile viewing activity, including trach everything that goes on in your account.

Download MyDSTV Mobile App for Android & iOS
Unlike some usual way of locating your DSTV account wherever you go to your web browser, start the DSTV location and log in with your username and password,

The portable app offers a new comfortable and accessible way to manage your account, fix any error, make a payment or replace your dues and switch between packages anytime, anywhere without spending many hours joining with the DSTV client care station.

Since both apps are of the same provider, you sure should likewise have a way to watch the latest news from around the globe, view matches fixtures and watches movies via smooth access to the DSTV Now, ShowMax and BoxOffice service.

Download MyDSTV Mobile App and Enjoy These Highlights:

  1. You can review your account balance, know how much you have always paid to stay joined to the DSTV set.
  2. You can also control your profile, including personal account data, privacy settings, and upload your photo to spice the appearance from yr profile.
  3. With this app, you can also be in control of your DSTV package by updating or minimizing DSTV Entertainment Channels.
  4. Your privacy is your info and all you need to guard at a single tick.
  5. If you have missed your Smartcard figure, you can also retrieve them on the app.
  6. Set subscription mistakes on your DSTV decoder how? Clearing all error digests on this app.


Latest prices of DSTV Decoder in Nigeria (2020)

The decoder in Nigeria (2019) – Dstv is not just a cable TV in Nigeria, but, the first and leading cable TV in the country. They’re a force to reckon with when it comes to entertaining Nigerians with exciting programs and beautiful channels.

Latest prices of DSTV

Since they found their route into the shores of Nigeria in 1995, Dstv has never played a second-fiddle role to contemporary TV cables — including Gotv, Startimes, and TSTV — in Nigeria. This as a result of quality channels and quality of their programs and images.

It won’t be out of proportion to say that Dstv or Multichoice set the pace for other cable TVs duly follow suit.

Dstv has quite a large number of international and local channels. If we’re not exaggerating, Dstv has more than 200 channels.

Here is the list of some of Nigeria’s most-watched Dstv channels:

There are many other channels that are mostly watched by Nigerians. However, we can’t continue with the list as we still many factors to discuss.

Apart from entertaining Nigerians with diverse kinds of exciting movies, music, sporting activities and live shows; Multichoice also enrich lives of many Nigerians by teaching them how to install the cable, which directly serves as a source of employment.

With the rate at which Nigerians buy cable TVs these days, the demands for installers are on the increase, so, everyone who underwent Multichoice’s training can confidently handle the installation of any decoder for a certain amount of money.

As part of their mission to impact positively in the lives of Nigerians, Multichoice often involve young students in different competitions.

They ensure that winners are given mouthwatering financial help, including scholarship, to boost their educational career.

They also create an avenue for entrepreneurs to market their products, which helps to boost the fame of their goods and products in the long run.

DSTV Plans and Packages/Bouquets

Knowing the level of poverty in Nigeria, Dstv ensures that their monthly plans are so affordable that an average Nigerian can have access to.

Dstv monthly package can be as low as N2,000. It can equally be as high as N14, 000 depending on your financial capacity.

Here is the list of different Dstv monthly packages or plans, alongside their respective prices and numbers of channels you stand to enjoy.

  • DSTV Access === N2, 000 monthly subscription === Over 45 channels
  • DSTV Family === N4, 000 monthly subscription === Over 55 channels
  • DSTV compact === N6, 000 monthly subscription === Over 70 channels
  • DSTV Compact Plus === N9, 500 monthly subscription === Over 75 channels
  • DSTV Premium === 14, 000 monthly subscription === Over 90 channels.

Current Prices of DSTV Decoders in Nigeria (May 2019)

As said earlier, DSTV has a huge number of customers in Nigeria. Hence, their decoder often sells faster in the market.

Are you thinking of getting your own DStv decoder but you don’t know how much it will cost you? Just take your time to carefully read the next paragraph of this write-up as we shall be unveiling the current price of DStv decoder in the market.

  • DSTV Decoder (without installation) === N9, 000 – N12, 000
  • DSTV Decoder (with installation) === N12, 000 – N16,000

Features of DSTV Decoders

Dstv possess some features that will want to make you stay glued to their services at all time, and they include:

Flexible subscription

  • You can experience non-stop entertainment with Dstv for just N2,000. Isn’t it amazing?

Many Nigeria-based Channels / Local Channels

As much as the world is fast becoming a westernized one, there are many Nigerians who hardly speak nor understand the English language.

Interestingly, Dstv didn’t leave the category of people behind. Instead, they add many indigenous channels to each of their plans.

African Magic Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo are channels mainly created for the three major tribes in the country.

Wap TV and Wazobia TV are known as pidgin-speaking, which is an understandable language for every Nigerians.

Some Of Features Dstv Need To Address As Soon As Possible

Installation Difficulty

Of all the cable TVs in Nigeria, Dstv has the most challenging installation process, which doesn’t help their reputation among Nigerians.

It’s one thing to get a decoder; it’s another thing to install it. Dstv will need to develop an easy installation procedure that an average person can achieve.

Huge financial difference in-between packages

There’s a massive difference between two DStv packages in terms of the subscription fee. Access package is valued at N2, 000 while the next package — DStv family — is valued at N4, 000.

Compact Plus is valued at N9, 500 and the next Dstv package DStv Premium is valued at N14, 000. Now, you see the difference in their prices.

DSTV Promo

Dstv is presently engaging in a promo which they tagged ‘boosted promo.’ With this promo, whenever you make an N2,000 subscription, you instantly ‘get boosted’ to that of N4,000 package.

This mean if you subscribe to DStv access, you will have access to all the channels present in Dstv family package.

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