2021 Waec Withheld Results Released — See Update Here

The 2021 West African Examination Council (WAEC) delayed the results of some aspirants of the May/June 2021 exam. We have taken note of the number of students whose WAEC results were seized; the WAEC withheld result will be announced in a short time from the unknown because of the information we have at our news desk.

WAEC 2021 result has been appropriately issued online within some days ago, many candidates have already seen their results with flying colors, and this has been written on the real website of WAEC.

Some results were delayed. However, some candidates witnessed different mistakes while confirming their results which can be resolved with the following instruction; While some results are already worked on, they should not be stranded when they have not seen their results.

Frequently, The result is usually held because the candidates were not innocent of examination malpractice by copying from textbooks, using mobile handsets to browse for an answer, and prepared answers probably you hide it and enter with it into the examination hall.

Some were confirmed by the supervisor, and some of the invigilators were attacked and forced to do the things that are not from their mind, and another group was detected to have copied answers in the examination hall, some candidates left the examination hall with scripts and attempted to submit the same after the assigned time.

The report is that Waec will as well release the results of those seized. Other groups of results will be released, while for those that all their results were taken. On withheld results of the WASSCE for School Candidates, the Nigerian Examination Committee “NEC” will meet to determine that the results of those found guilty in exams cheating should be abandoned while the results of those justified should be released immediately.


The  Head of Council Office realized that there were cases of carelessness yet it was irrelevant, He began with a situation that was built up in past examinations;

The following are the penalties for the applicants discovered guilty in the examination center:

  • All the results of such candidates involved in those cases should be eliminated.
  • The results of those involved in the case of exam malpractice will be aswell canceled.
  • Some candidates will also suffer other penalties, such as stopping them from writing any other examination for a specific number of years.


The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) has already announced that 2021 WASSCE results were delayed. He broadcasted the news on Twitter that the result will be released or condemned in September.

Remember that the Council’s Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Ojijeogu Demianus, declared on Twitter, that the 2021 May/June WASSCE results would be freed on Wednesday afternoon. And as usual, the exam body never releases all the results for some purposes.

Nevertheless, a unique tweeter user, Abdulaziz Suaimon, @AbdulazizGarki9 questioned WAEC about the held results, and the exam body answered saying, withheld results will be decided either to be canceled or to be released by the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) during their gathering next month”.

Social media improves communication between WAEC and student In the past, before the arrival of social media when results are withheld, candidates may not notice something about it again. They were often left to believe that their results have been canceled. But now, the appearance of the exam body on social media platforms is supporting the candidates to get immediate responses to several problems as an obstacle in the release of the result.

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See here on how to check your watch result

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2021 NECO Results Released their Latest Withheld Update

National Examination Council, NECO withheld results of some candidates of the 2021 June/July examination. We have got the details of the number of candidates whose NECO results were seized. The NECO withheld result will be announced.

how to check for  NECO 2021 result? www.mynecoexams.com/results/ Check NECO Result 2021 Now. And if you need our assistance you can drop a comment in the comment box.

NECO GCE Results 2021 – See How To Check Succefully Online

NECO GCE Results 2021 – If you have been enquiring about the examination details, “Is it true that they have been released? Then this article is for you.

I want to make it known to you now that, it is true that the Neco GCE results have finally been released online. You can check your National Examination Council General Certificate examination Result 2021 by following the instructions below.

How To Check NECO GCE Results 2021 Successfully Online

  1. To check Result 2021 Visit official checking portal at  www.mynecoexams.com
  2. Select Examination Type “NOV-DEC”
  3. Select Examination Year “2021”
  4. Enter Your Pin Number “Pin Number Can Be Find atThe front Of The Scratch Card You Bought”
  5. Enter Your Examination Number “Examination Number Can Be Find at The Front Of Your Neco ID card”
  6. Click On “Check Result Bottomto check your own

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Still, don’t have the pin yet? You can get it as low as #300. Congratulations if you passed the examination.

WAEC GCE Result 2021 | How To Check And Print Out Your WASSCE Results

Hi there, here I will take you through on how to check your WAEC GCE result 2021 and how to print them out as well. If you participated in the recent WAEC GCE examinations, then make sure you read through this piece for the next steps you need to take to get your result checked and printed out equally.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) council board has successfully uploaded the results for the just-concluded WAEC GCE Results 2021 examinations to their official portal, i.e., www.waecdirect.org, and all participants can now log in to check their results.

Want To Check And Print Out Your WAEC GCE Result 2021

  1. First of all, visit the official WAEC GCE Result portal via www.waecdirect.org Or Follow this link.
  2. The form will display at the left side of the online page,
  3. Carefully fill it out  with the correct information required,
  4. Go through it patiently to make sure that your examination number, card serial number, year of exam and your PIN is provided correctly,
  5. Select the type of examination (Private Candidate Results),
  6. Click submit, and the result will come up immediately,

NOTE PLEASE: You can only use your recharge card at a maximum of five times, so be careful.

Want To Check WAEC GCE Result 2021 via SMS?

Candidates that want to check their results through text-message should follow the following steps;

With your mobile phone go to the message menu and type in the code in the following format -: WAEC*EXAM No*PIN*EXAM YEAR, and forward it to 32327. The service will cost you #30 only, and the SMS will appear shortly.

Additional Information Accompanying The Release of the Result:

  • Percentage of failed candidates
  • Percentage of successful candidates
  • Number of registered candidates
  • Number of participating candidates
  • Candidate with the highest score

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Is Waec Result 2021 Out? – Top Things You Need To Know Today

Is Waec Result 2021 Out – Top Things You Need To Know Today; The West African Examination Council [waec] has stated that results will release 45 days after examination. This means, [waec 2021] results will be print out results on this months .

This review is to update you on accommodating [WAEC] update on 2021. It comprises all the required news all [WAEC] candidates will need to see regarding from [WAEC Offices] and How to verify result for [jan-fed-may-june-and nov-dec] provide.

Method To Check [Waec Result 2021] Without Verification Scratch Card.

Waec results has steamed down into different ways, possibly to view [WAEC Result]-[Scratch Card] it is one of it. That is why on this article you will discover it. Without Overlooking on those means were set down by the Waec, so it’s not a trick to check Waec-Result without using Scratch Card to do it.


There are only two methods to check your waec results, Pins are even needed, which indicates that y’all will still need the Scratch-Card.

1. It supports as a guard to your result in the [WAEC] database platform.
2. the Scratch Card advance control on how user enter the Portal
3. Waec administrator earns money from the PINs the permission out to students.

Areas in CHECKING {waec-Result}, not to Check [WAEC-Result} without [Scratch-Card PIN].

I suppose you all are neglecting the [sms] midpoints of CHECKING waec results without using the scratch card. dont assume so fast because checking waec result Through [SMS] still requires <PIN>digital Number of the Scratch-Card

1)..Forward the SMS in the setup listed below:
3)…MTN-Airtel-9 Mobile and Glo subscribers] To short-code 32327 Text.

For instance -:

5)..WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007 Note:
7)..Assure you ad-here surely to the form disples to you above.
8).. WAIT and Anticipate for your result to be sent to your smartphone via SMS.

Checking [WAEC-Results] Online use these options below.

You can even use your smartphone or laptop to do this, as far as it’s has a network connection to the internet.

a) Log -in at [www.waecdirect.org] official website.
b) Insert your [WAEC Examination] digital 10-digit number
c) This is your 7-Digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number, e.g., 4645785478
d) Enter the four digits of your Examination Year, e.g., 7300
e) Choose the Type of Examination you took.
f) Insert the Card Serial detail seen on the backward side of your [Scratch-card].
g) Enter the Personal Identification Number [PIN] Scratch card
h) Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up

However, there are things you should know about which never exist, that is;

1) to check waec result without examination number
2) to check waec result without scratch card pin or serial number
3) to check results without spending money or credit

This is because you MOST need the following to successfully check your waec result 2020 online or SMS;

Examination Number – Your Exam number makes you look unique from others; that is why no one can have the same exam number (only by error).
Exam Year – You are GOING TO BE DISPLED the year you wrote a specific exam it would permit the platform to discover your results and other vital DETAILS about you.
Other Kind of Examination waec like GCE, SSEC, etc. That is why providing this kind of review you have also engaged on getting your data from the [WAEC portal].
Card Serial Number

Additional Information Accompanying The Release of the Result:

1. Percentage of failed candidates
2. Percentage of successful candidates
3. Number of registered candidates
4. Number of participating candidates
5. Competitor candidate with the most leading score


NECO Expo | NECO Runs and Answers for 2021/2022 Exam

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NECO Registration

The examination council publishes procedures for entry and entry periods in the national newspapers.

Every year, NECO conducts two exams for secondary school students on MAY/JUNE while the latter part of the year, OCTOBER/NOVEMBER is scheduled for private students.

Either of the two sets of candidates will have to register online, candidates in the secondary school are guided through this process by their school authorities.

Private NECO exams candidates will have to enter individually. The candidate buys the scratch card, this he/she can use to fill in an entry form on NECO website (mynecoexams.com).

on completing registration, the candidate prints out an identification card bearing his/her photo and other important details such as candidates’ selected subjects, centre name, date of birth, location, and number

Also See NECO GCE Results 2021; See How To Check Successfully Online

Students will also be provided with the relevant syllabuses and the examination timetable. Once you pay for NECO registration, you are supposed to get two different scratch cards for registration and checking results online.