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If you are among the few Nigerians that are yet to hear about The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, then you must partake in the program while it lasts. You must hurry and be a part of the P-YES Application 2021 before the deadline of the online application arrives.

Benefits of P-YES Application 2021

You should know that anyone who meets the conditions of the application can secure substantial empowerment coming directly from the Office of the President of Nigeria. It is an excellent opportunity that no young person in this country should miss out on the program.

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P-YES Application 2021 registration started last year and will be on till February at least, and that is for those that have not yet applied to jump on the chance. All you need to do is to meet the requirements of the scheme and apply online with the necessary credentials to benefit.

Submit Your P-YES Application 2021 Immediately

Aspirants of the program should know that the online application of the program is free, so don’t be a victim of extortion when registering. Programs of this nature do not come around all the time, that is why it should be grabbed with both hands whenever it comes around.

See Requirements Here

The basic requirement from the program of the applicant is receptiveness to teachings and being able to assimilate with relative ease. Click on this link to see every requirement for the P-YES Application 2021. As soon as the online registration is successful, you’ll be selected for screening and interviews after which you will undergo P-YES posting and P-YES deployment.



Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 | Apply For TEF $100m Entrepreneurship Programme.

Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 – If you an entrepreneur with wonderful concepts and big next-level dreams, it is a fact that all the exciting ideas you have in your head no matter how genius they are will not see the light of the day without proper capital and funding.

Africa, without a doubt, is blessed with young and sharp minds that are creative to the tee in the World as a whole. Potentially successful ideas are on the come-up on a daily basis in the continent, and these are ideas that should be harnessed for the growth of our economy and well-being of the whole of Africa.


A reasonable number of African youths have seen their business propositions and dreams dashed because of the lack of money to back it up. It has resulted in a lot of potential booms going to waste in our continent, Africa.

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This is where the Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 (TEF $100m Entrepreneurship Programme) comes into action. Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), is an African-founded and funded philanthropic scheme. We will show you all you need to know about this wonderful organization and how to be a beneficiary of their funding.

This honorable Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Tony O. Elumelu, with the vision of seeing African entrepreneurs take the development and the sustenance of the continent to greater heights through quality and sustained funding.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021 for African entrepreneurs is accessible to every African and inhabitants of the continent. These beneficiaries must be owners of profit businesses not older than three years old. These must be business establishments that are in Africa.

How To Apply Tony Elumelu Foundation 2021

Click here to apply


Register For P-yes 2021 Now – Hurry an Apply Immediately

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme is soliciting that the young citizens of Nigeria should make sure they avail themselves of the empowerment program for their benefits. They are being advised to Register For P-yes 2021 as soon as they can before the application for the scheme comes to a halt.

Hurry and Register For P-yes 2021 Today

Applications are still on for this scheme for those that not get the message early enough. However, it might not still be open for a very long time. The best thing any Nigerian youth can do for themselves at this moment is to get themselves registered immediately. As you must have known before now, the online application is free of charge for applicants of the program.

When you Register For P-yes 2021, you have automatically put yourself in a vantage position to be empowered by the Federal Government via the Office of the President of Nigeria. Among the many benefits of the program, you will be financially boosted to help springboard your entrepreneurial endeavors and your business.

Conditions For Applying

  • As an applicant, you must be up to 18 years old
  • You must not be above 40 years old before the application
  • You must possess a valid means of identification
  • You should have a desire to partake of the empowerment scheme

Requirements for P-yes 2021 Application Form

The items that we will list out below must be adequately presented by any aspiring beneficiary that wants to Register For P-yes 2021 program.

  • Means of identification can come in the form of their voter’s card, international passport, or their driver’s license.
  • They must provide their SSCE certificate for verification and must be fluent or at least be able to understand and communicate with the English Language comfortably.
  • They must provide a reliable guarantor to sign for them; their guarantors must be reputable individuals of unquestionable characters for them to stand a chance.here is to make sure someone can grantee your trustworthiness.


International Students Loan to Study Abroad | Undergraduates/Postgraduates 2021

Are you looking for funds to finance your desire to study abroad, but is unable to come up with any? Your days of worries are officially over as we bring you the solution to your challenge in this article. We will show you how to secure an International Students Loan to Study Abroad and make sure that your academic dreams come to reality today.

Securing an International Students Loan to Study Abroad Today

A good number of students desire to pursue their educational aspirations beyond the shores of their own countries; this can be as a result of many factors ranging from getting access to better facilities that can boost your studies and so on. Harboring this desire is one thing and seeing them fulfilled is another, that is why we will help you in securing an International Students Loan to Study Abroad.

Why International Student Loans?

It is evident that Studying overseas does not come cheap, and a lot of students find it very hard to finance their desires for international studies. Even though Scholarships and grants are provided, a large number of students still cannot get their hands on them due to the competition. Those that are fortunate to win these scholarships will testify to the fact that they still barely cover the expenses involved.

The International Student Loans will take care of the following for you:

  • Travel and transportation Fares
  • Tuition Fee
  • Books and Supplies Fee
  • Room and board Fees
  • Health insurance Money
  • Other Living expenses

For those that would love the experience of studying abroad, the International Students Loan to Study Abroad cannot come at a more vital moment. This Loans will provide you with substantial financial aid to see that you reach your academic climax even if it means doing that in s foreign country. With the study abroad loan comparison tool you can find just the perfect option for you easily.

Other International Student Loan sources are:

  • Apply For Loans here
  • International Scholarships
  • IEFA


Please note that Program eligibility and selection procedures may vary widely by countries. see the country-specific websites to get more information about the Program in your home country, including eligibility requirements and application guidelines.

Application instructions:

To all Foreign Student Program applications are processed by Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies. Therefore, foreign students are advised to apply through the Commission/Foundation or U.S. Embassy in their home countries. Deadline varies per country but is around June to October annually.

It is very important to visit the official website (link found below) and the country-specific websites for more details information on how to apply for this scholarship.

  • Offer From: USA Government
  • Level: Masters/PhD Degrees
  • The course starts AY 2021/2022
  • Deadline: varies
  • Study in:  USA

As You Apply below remember that it is very important to invest time and effort when one is applying for the Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students as much as you would for any other academic scholarship and you will be sure to get very good results. Use the Comment Box For any further question or suggestion and more.


Meanwhile, you can (Proceed with the registration URL below right now)

Good Luck

Apply For P-YES 2021 | Online and Offline Application Form/Portal

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) official website has been ongoing in the country. Because the program has been a great source of help financially to many Nigerians, a lot more individuals have taken interest in the scheme and are greatly helping themselves. Here, you will see how to apply for P-Yes 2021 easily.

Applying for the program is quite simple and straightforward, but it is obvious that some people are still having a hard time going about it. Though a lot of people have applied for this program already, a good number of people still do not know how to apply for the p-yes 2021 program.


Some others have tried to register, but have not received the p-yes confirmation code through text-message so that they can activate their account. This is why we are once more bringing you the latest tips on how to apply for the p-yes 2021 scheme.

Usually, for one to activate their P-YES account, they must receive a notification to their phone number, used for the registration. This notification is the confirmation pin/code with which to get the account activated so that you can proceed with the application procedures on the website.

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We are doing whatever it takes to see that as many people as possible get to take advantage of this program and partake of the wonderful benefits that come with it. That is why we make updates like this available for everyone.

It is important to note that P-Yes registration comes with conditions and requirements. We already published these requirements in a previous post on the program, but for those who missed it, we will link you to the requirements here.