Uniport School Fees Payment For 2021 Newly Admitted Candidates

Uniport School Fees Payment For 2021 Newly Admitted Candidates – Congratulations to all the candidates that were given admission in 2021 and to those still hoping to get I wish you good luck. We are back in it again. Uniport has changed her website portal to aris.uniport.edu.ng, where you can register and conduct your admission processes. Many people will be wondering why the school will have to change the portal address but all the same, the most important thing now is that you are here to get the website where you can register and do your admission processes.  

Also in this post, I will be giving you the list of fees charges according to the departments so as not to worry first thing first.  The website for both old and new students is www.aris.uniport.edu.ng in this website you can check your admission status,  accept and pay your acceptance fee and also check your admission status.

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How much is the Uniport School Fees Payment?

Many have been asking me that question and now here is the answer.  The school fees are been paid according to the faculty.

Below is the list of faculties and their fee.

  1. Medicine faculty N115,250
  2. Agricultural Faculty N127,150
  3. Science faculty N115,500
  4. Dentistry faculty N135,250
  5. Clinical faculty N115,250
  6. Education  Faculty N95450
  7. Humanities faculty N111,450
  8. Engineering faculty N114,600
  9. Pharmaceutical Faculty N113,950
  10. Management Science N92,150
  11. Science Laboratory Technology N115,100
  12. Social science N115,150.

Are you a student of uniport and you don’t know the amount you are to pay? All Uniport students are to follow these steps to check the amount you are to pay in school.

  1. Log in to the portal www.aris.uniport.edu.ng
  2. On the home page, you select the fee schedule
  3. Then you select the academic year of which you are in and the program you are doing either full time or part-time.
  4. Then you choose your faculty and select the degree type which is undergraduate and then sends.  After which the amount you are to pay will come out.

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