World Bank Fellowship Programme(WBFP).  One of the easiest things you can do online is WBG Africa Fellowship Program. Applying for a WBG Africa Fellowship Program has never been simple, but this page will assist you to join through online, and it will be very simple to you.

For those who have been searching for anywhere and the way to apply for the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme, do not disturb yourself. For this guide will show you how to register online through the website, all we need from you is to understand the steps we are about teaching you on this website.

We Wish to say a little about our training, that 900,000 Jobless African Youth are in Europe by the World Bank, Mrs Sri Mulyani Indrawati the Managing Director of the World Bank granted the ‘Technology for Changing idea under the World Bank. Empowerment enlightening Scheme, for 900,000 African Youths at the amount of $1,000,000,000.00 (One Billion US Dollars) African Union Commission.

For you to be one of the successful youths you ought to reach up to the qualification, the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme and job needed below for the eligibility of the Statement is listed below.

Note: The advantage you will get from them is that all the traveling expenses will be done by the World Bank, with many other things.

  • All the applicants must be living in any part of Africa.
  • And must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum 65 years before you will be employed.
  • The most pressing issues is that applicants must be a citizen of African while any person from any other country will go by registration.
  • No bad record at the past either for criminal or cultist purpose.
  • Applicants must have traveled to Any country like European or Switzerland.

Once you maintain the qualification above, you can go forward and demand the World Bank Africa Fellowship Programme and job vacancy.

World Bank Fellowship Programme (WBFP) for Unemployed Africa Youth  Apply.

For you to apply on our website, the World Bank assigned everything available to you, which means that which means that they are not going to demand any money from them you can apply immediately.

The first thing to do is to visit the World Bank post at

Note, do not apply more than once because if you do you will be excluded.

For those who are looking for any Fellowship Programme, click here to apply.

To apply for job recruitment clicking on this link here to apply.

If you find it hard to join the World Bank Fellowship Programme and apply for jobs at World Bank, make use of our comment box below. And if you still need more detail about us, you can put your email on that box for proper clarification.

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