NYSC SENATE LIST – Mobilization list for all institutions 2021

Are you aware of NYSC SENATE LIST? Do you know that NYSC Mobilization List is out? The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to check the NYSC SENATE LIST. You can check the mobilization and Senate list via the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal at portal.nysc.org.ng

Mobilization is the first step you will take if you want to successfully register for the 2021 NYSC. Before you go on with the registration, it is essential that you check the NYSC SENATE LIST or NYSC mobilization list to see if your name has been uploaded in the mobilization list. If you check and see your name, you have been mobilized.

Steps To Check if you have been mobilized in the NYSC SENATE LIST

  • Go to the National Youth Service Corps portal to check here
  • The next step you must take is to select your institution
  • Type in your  Matriculation Number and Surname in the provided space
  • Key in your date of birth the same as in your school record.
  • Then click on the “search” button to see if you have been mobilized.
  • If you have been successfully mobilized, the page will load and display your data; then you can go on and complete the online registration.
  • If you have not been mobilizing, don’t panic continue to check for more names will be uploaded before the end of the mobilization period.

Below are the terms used in NYSC and their meaning

Common words used

NYSC SENATE LIST procedure is always the same as Batch A and Batch B… Each batch will have two streams; stream I and stream II.

Important Information

  1. Corps Members should please note that the NYSC will neither send text messages canvassing for political parties and candidates nor release Corps data to such groups.
  2. The Scheme is apolitical and remains unbiased to all contestants during the election process and will continue to leverage on the tremendous achievements it has recorded in the democratic process of the country.
  3. The NYSC partners all stakeholders in order to ensure free, fair and credible elections across the country.
  4. All corps members are hereby reminded of the Director-General”s advice to remain neutral in their responsibility as INEC ad-hoc staff in due process.
  5. Note: The above is for your information.



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