Stanbic IBTC Innovation 2021 Challenge In Nigeria and How To Apply Here

Stanbic IBTC Innovation 2021 Challenge in Nigeria and How To start the 2021 Stanbic Innovation trials. Stanbic Innovation Challenges for 2021, is newly welcoming suitable citizens who are in need, to apply for their own processing 2021 Stanbic IBTC Innovation Challenge activities. Read and observe how to demand the program.

The 2021 Stanbic IBTC Innovation Challenge,  concerning the leverage digital technology, innovation,  and as well as experts outside the custom and traditional financial service producers. To adjust their capabilities and get in new moments that add value and sense to customers. This article trial is a control,  examined by the responsible Stanbic and will be sorted out by Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) by the Nigerians which we can use to get the essential things in the Stanbic IBTC.

Are their any innovating plans and technology-that Is bringing out solutions?  You can just Apply known for the Stanbic Innovation Challenge. There is an extension of three decided convictions that will sustain immediate effect amount prizes pre-incubation assist via the Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) pre-incubation services.

the person that gets the solution will get total fund valued at $12,500, $15,000; in cash, and workout in the Stanbic Blue Lab that is not in credit instead it will be paid directly to your account (valued at $2500 only).

The specific area of Stanbic IBTC Innovation 2021 Challenges

The convoke way of technology is starting the outcome development partners over Nigeria. With the zeal expected to execute the world-class solutions to recognize areas within Stanbic IBTC.

Card protection: This branch tries to a network to vamp the card support system, to make sure that all the customers can win their debit cards. By which way can we improve the method of user card deliveries to be more seamless efficient?

Data Analysis: This is the way we can get our data Stanbic IBTC. Asset Management Limited houses give a specific amount of data that can be used to serve their customers better. The steps in which we might create an active data analytics system that collects necessary customer data converts them into insights used to improve their service delivery.

Stock Trading: Wich changes user attitude, Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited needs to accommodate its online trading platform regularly. To users’ preferences. How should we let the customer advertising ideas by constructing a simplified selling platform that is more admirable also easy to understand?

They create entries from the product development — companies technology startups across Nigeria that have the zeal to execute on world-class solutions.

Stanbic IBTC Innovation 2021 Challenge Eligibility

The application classifies excuse to the Product development teams and the Technology startups beyond Nigeria.

Have the zeal and expertise to execute on world-class solutions — Partnerships, which are not more than three persons. From software establishers, From university students, and entrepreneurs, in Nigeria.

You can offer working prototypes, applications, technologies, materials, services or other kinds of digital innovation.

  • The challenge is not open to:
  •  Any citizens that are under the age of eighteen years old.
  •  The managers, of Co-creation Hub. Stanbic IBTC and the affiliates.
  • Anyone professionally involved in the development or administration of this Challenge.
  • Any employee whose employer’s outlines or rules does not allow entrance in the Challenge.

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